capital campaignOakwood University, a historically Black Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher learning, offers quality Christian Education that emphasizes academic excellence, promotes harmonious development of mind, body, and spirit, and prepares leaders in service for God and humanity. The school's motto, shared by faculty and students, is: Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve. In everything it does, it believes and practices God First, its current slogan. Consistent with its Mission Statement, Oakwood University is in the business of transforming lives – both for now and, more importantly, for eternity.

As we seek ways to enhance the Oakwood University experience, the Board of Trustees and the Administration have approved a number of capital plans to enrich the lives of current and future Oakwood University students.

We believe the Building on the Past: Framing the Future Campaign is the first step in a series of plans to upgrade and modernize the current buildings on the campus and revitalize our mission.


Ford Hall

ford hall 275H.E. Ford Science Hall was built in 1954 under the administration of President F. L. Peterson. The building was dedicated for the teaching of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. It provided classrooms and laboratories, offices, and a small auditorium. It has, since 1971, served as the Student Center. Ford Hall, as it is known on campus, is located on the spot where the first stone building was built in 1907 as a Study Hall, Administration and Chapel, and Science building. The stone building was considered by many as the most graceful and elegant building on Oakwood’s campus.

Today Ford Hall is about to undergo another transformation. The building is slated to house the Communication Department whose offices, studios, labs, and classrooms are now scattered across the campus. Upon the completion of the entire renovation, Ford Hall will house classrooms, faculty offices, a computer lab, faculty lounge, and public speaking classrooms.


Media Center

The newest addition to the historic campus of Oakwood University is a newly constructed Media Center set between Ford Hall and the new Cunningham Hall on the media centercampus mall. The media center is being built to enrich the academic lives of our students and the personal lives of our constituents by providing an interdisciplinary environment where art and technology merge. 

By promoting the use of emerging technologies in students’ scholarly and creative works, the Oakwood University Media Center will seek to prepare life-long learners to confidently master new technologies and to disseminate works that effectively communicate their ideas.  

Not only will the media center be a learning environment for our Communication students, but we plan to begin to tell our story by forming Oakwood University Broadcasting Network (OUBN).  This Oakwood story of God-ordained ministry is something that needs to be spread to the corners of the Earth.  We believe that this is the first step in blanketing the gospel message to places that others cannot reach. 


Carter Hall

Bessie Carter Hall was built in 1966. At the time of its building, Carter Hall was a very modernly equipped residence hall that needed to be built to house theCarterHall growing female population in the late 70’s.  Today, Carter Hall houses the freshmen women.  This complete renovation project will have a tremendous long-term impact on our young princesses that come to Oakwood University.  It is out desire to not only nurture the minds and spiritual lives of our students but to also show them that we are concerned with their living environment as they make the transition from their family home to the unknown world of college.  This restored and renovated facility is a $6.2 million project.


 The Brick Pathway

BrickPathwayThe Brick Campaign provides an opportunity to leave a legacy and support campus improvement at the same time. Our Path to Wisdom features names of donors, loved ones, special remembrances, and favorite sayings. Bricks are a great opportunity to congratulate a recent graduate, celebrate a degree or accomplishment, or honor your loved ones. Don't miss out on this opportunity to leave more than a memory at Oakwood University. You can leave your own legacy as we continue the Building on the Past Campaign (brick by brick).

 Please visit our Brick Pathway website to create your personalized brick.

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